About Us

Why Treevi Pizza al Taglio?

Our history started in 2018 wanting to offer a premium and authentically Italian alternative to the fast food variety.

Crafted with Passion

Our pizza is a labor of love. Each slice is meticulously crafted using premium ingredients, capturing the essence of Italian culinary traditions.

Fresh and Flavorful

Our commitment to freshness is forever standing. You can savor the vibrant flavors of our tomato-rich sauces and carefully selected toppings. Every bite is a journey through the sun-soaked landscapes of Italy combined with Romanian creativity to create a pizza that’s nothing short of perfection.

Treevi Pizza Front

Heritage in Every Bite

At Treevi, we honor Italian culinary heritage. Our dough, made with a special type of flour and water with a certain PH, is fermented and baked to perfection by Italian master bakers. Our toppings, inspired by regional specialties, ensure an authentic taste that transports you straight to the heart of Italy.

Al Taglio Excellence and Versatility

Discover the magic of pizza al taglio – rectangular slices, each a canvas of flavors. From classic to unique combinations, our menu caters to every pizza lover’s palate. You can create your own MIX & MATCH combination by choosing different types of pizza slices and personalize your box. That way you can get to experience different flavors and show your creativity.

You can enjoy your pizza in one of our carefully designed locations, to go or share it with your loved ones. At Treevi Pizza Al Taglio you can find flavors that go with breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime you’re in for a slice of happiness.

So come along, your Treevi Pizza Al Taglio Journey awaits with Authentic Italian Ingredients and Original Flavors!



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